07·08·09 AUG 2020


Urban Stage


02:00 - 02:15


Apollon Beatbox is a German beatboxer and loopstation artist based in Luxembourg. Born in 1996, he started beatboxing at age 13 when he saw the German YouTuber “Alberto” beatboxing. Since then, his self-taught beatbox skills improved gradually through daily practice (which annoyed his family and friends quite a bit in the beginning). Combining beatboxing, guitar and loopstation he gained attention for the first time at the Composer Slam during the Heidelberger Frühling. In 2016, Apollon Beatbox developed a huge interest in music production which boosted his performance in terms of composition, mix and sound design.

For the future Apollon Beatbox is exploring new ways to create music that makes people move with a focus on live performance.

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