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Without doubt, Cultura Tres has become Latin America’s most recognized and perhaps strangest brother to the sludge metal movement. With its roots firmly in Venezuela, this four-piece independently developed a distinctive sound, an avant-garde mix of metal, seventies rock, doom, psychedelia and South American folk. As natural as their sound came to Cultura Tres, as surprising it was for listeners outside their continent, who discovered their unconventional music when the band burst upon the international underground scene with debut album La Cura (2008).

Even the musicians themselves could not have predicted the turns their music would take since the band’s inception: the harsh sound of their EP “Seis” (2007) came closer to metal than to the nightmarish soundscapes they would later produce. Although frontman Alejandro Londoño had been instrumental in South America’s very first doom release in 1992 (being a founding member of the pioneering Epitafio), it took a while before such roots would nestle themselves in the creative process of Cultura Tres. The first influences that would define their uniquely haunting sound came through dreams that inspired the most memorable songs of debut album “La Cura”. This album and the related video imagery attracted the worldwide attention of underground and mainstream media alike, and launched the band on a 18-month tour through South America, Europe and Japan.

Afterwards, the band retreated and delved deeper into the collective subconsciousness for imagery and sounds that would evolve into their sophomore album “El Mal del Bien”. Released in 2011, the album was even darker than its predecessor, at once more diverse in its ambitions and more coherent as a whole. The unanimous critical acclaim further confirmed the status of Cultura Tres as one of the leading heavy bands from South America.

In 2013 the band delivered their most urgent and ambitious effort so far: third record “Rezando al Miedo”. With eight brooding tracks, the album entices the listener to embark on a disturbing journey from anger to desolation. Meanwhile one is dragged deep into Latin America’s world of oppression, slavery and religious madness.