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Versus You was brought to life by Eric Rosenfeld and Giordano Bruno in 2005. Long-time friends, both musicians had played in a couple of bands together and it didn't take Eric, who had a bag of songs written already, a long time to convince Giordano to join his new band on bass guitar. A few weeks later they welcomed Pit Romersa on drums, who would record their first record 'Marathon' (released in 2006 by Fond Of Life Records) with them and later leave Versus You because of his main project called Eternal Tango. Drummer number two, Mike Lahier joined them shortly after and recorded a second album with the band. Although the record is entitled 'This Is The Sinking' (released by Winged Skull Records in 2008), it brought people's attention to the band. Their song 'The Hotel Room' was on top of the national charts in heavy rotation. More than 900 people showed up at the release party of the album. Versus You also played at the Rock-A-Field Festival that year.

After a first tour through Germany, Belgium, Holland and Italy, Jimmy Leen, who would later become a second song writer for Versus You, joined the band on guitar and opening shows for No Use For A Name and the Flatliners, with whom they became fast friends, followed. At the last Flatliners gig, Mike Lahier and Versus You parted ways due to personal differences.

Aloyse Weyler joined Versus You right on time for their first tour trough Eastern Europe and Russia, shows with NOFX, Propagandhi, Only Crime, White Flag and Bayside and their third album which they recorded live with Charel Stoltz right after they came home from tour. This proves how Versus You never really take a break. The album was entitled 'The Mad Ones' (released by Granny Records in collaboration with Fond Of Life Records in 2009), a title that revealed Eric's inspiration by writer Jack Kerouac and still remains a perfect description for the band. After a second tour through Eastern Europe and Russia and countless shows (among them Rock-A-Field again), Aloyse too leaves Versus You without a drummer.

A new drummer was found with Jerry Kirpach, who had been a friend of the band and promised to break Versus You's curse and stay with them. Versus You recorded a new single called 'This War Is Like A Drug To You!' and six more songs for a split record with White Flag. That year shows with Alkaline Trio, Strike Anywhere, Dead To Me, Dear Landlord and Star Fucking Hipsters followed.

After a huge amount of shows for their quite short existence, three albums, an EP and a split record, Versus You still doesn't show any sign of slowing down any time soon.

In 2011 they shared the stage with bands like Adolescents, Mike Herrera from MXPX, Dead To Me, The Casualties, Rise Against and went on a European Tour with White Flag.

In 2012 Versus You were selected out of more than 500 bands to play the Groezrock Festival. They also recorded a new digital single entitled ‘Happy Yet?!’ with long-time producer Charel Stoltz and recorded their new album in Sweden with producer Chips Kiesbye, who has already worked with Millencolin and The Hellacopters among others.

In early 2013, Jimmy leaves the band and is replaced by Giordano’s younger brother Dario Bruno. Shows with Strung Out, Black Flag, The Manix and Jimmy Eat World follow.

In 2014, Versus You tours Germany, Austria and the UK in support of 'Moving On'. In 2015 they were selected to play the Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands. Another UK tour followed in April 2015 and they were one of the first bands to be selected for the Punk Rock Holiday Festival in Slovenia in the summer of 2015. The band's next record was a split 7" with The Gamits and Killtime titled 'Rocket To Rushmore'.

They were lucky enough to play with the following bands: NOFX, Alkaline Trio, No Use For A Name, Propagandhi, Rise Against, Dead To Me, The Flatliners, Dear Landlord, Forgetters, Nothington, Anti-Flag, White Flag, Star Fucking Hipsters, Strike Anywhere, Bayside, Only Crime, The Unseen, Adolescents, The Casualties, MXPX, Strung Out, Black Flag, Jupiter Jones, The Manix, Jimmy Eat World, The Gamits, Dwayne...

And lucky enough to play the following festivals: Groezrock (B), Rock-A-Field (L), e-Lake (L), Zvera Festival (LV), Eurosonic (NL), Punk Rock Holiday (SL)...


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