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   18:30 - 19:05


Ever since the band was founded in 2009, the four members of Zero Point Five (Kiko, Gilles, Nathalie and Claudio) not only fulfilled their passion to play music together, but also revealed their songwriting and performing skills. Along with the release of their first album “Stories from the Bar Downtown,” the band played a two-hour concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Honolulu the day of the Super Bowl, gaining an experience many can only dream of. The first single “Words and Phrases” peaked on Luxembourg’s radio stations such as RTL and Eldoradio’s “Chartbreaker.” Their second single “Hurricane Girl” was enriched by a catchy video-clip.

Zero Point Five played at numerous renowned events and festivals in Luxembourg and abroad—the Rockhal, den Atelier, Festival Terres Rouges amongst others—over the years. Recently, they took up the challenge to explore a new musical style. Witnessing Nashville’s unique music scene in 2015 and 2016, Zero Point Five were inspired to make modern country music a genre of their own and to bring pop country to Europe. The songs that were written shortly after combine the trademark European pop rock with flavours of the upbeat sounds of country and the melancholy of Hawaiian music.

“In Europe, people have a wrong impression of modern country music, one that is closely linked to the stereotypical image of a cowboy or a hillbilly. With our EP, we want to reveal modern country as a genre that is rich with elements of pop rock and folk, a sound well known to us Europeans.”

Being talented multi-instrumentalists, Zero Point Five have enriched their sound by adding the banjo, the lap-steel guitar, the double bass, the violin and, of course, the ukulele. The brand-new EP “Southbound”, compiled of the four songs “Honolulu,” “Sing Along,” “Darkness,” and “Glow,” testifies the passion they put into their creative work. The first single “Honolulu” has been released together with a soulful music video.

As for live performances, Zero Point Five is well known for their ability to play as an acoustic duo or as a four-piece band, with both setups guaranteeing a thrilling and captivating show.

“Our lyrics match our new country sound—upbeat and fun to sing along to. We write about our everyday feelings and experiences; be it about love, broken hearts, or simply about having a good time. On the other hand, some other songs express a more critical opinion about socially relevant problems.”


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