Club des Jeunes Echternach a.s.b.l. promoter of the e-Lake festival :


The Club des Jeunes Echternach a.s.b.l. (CJE), founded in August 1981, brings together young people aged 15 to 30 willing to represent the local youth, to act for the youth's interests and to organize activities and events for all the local youngsters.


The committee, consisting of 7 members, is elected on an annual basis by the members of the club at the general meeting. The club presently numbers more than 90 members which come from Echternach (ca. 50) and the Eastern part of Luxembourg. The main venue for gathering is the club-house, a family home, temporarily provided by the City of Echternach. Meetings are held on a regular basis in order to prepare a variety of activities : evenings out, trips to concerts, excursions, participation in sport events and rallies, holidays abroad, e-Lake festival & etc..


the average member is aged 21 and pupils, students and workers are equally represented.


the club adopts a strictly neutral position towards political parties and religious confessions.


for more informations see :www.cje.lu


Infomations about the Organisation-Committee here



11 AUG
live concerts
a journey to Pop,
Hip-Hop and Rock'n'Roll


12 AUG
only the finest
electronic beats


13 AUG
party time
all your favorite
party tunes