07·08·09 AUG 2020


Urban Stage


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Sorry, diese DJ-Infos gibt's leider nur in englisch ...

Born and raised in Luxembourg, he already discovered his love for electronic music at a young age. Starting with Drum‘n Bass music, he began mixing 4 years ago. 2 years ago he found his love for Minimal and Techno, since then he‘s is regularly doing damage with his sets at different partys and locations, in and around Luxembourg, such as Trier, Berlin and Amsterdam.

He mixed alongside Djs, such as Jeff Mills, Dax J, Popof, Mihai Pol, The Willers Brothers or Oshana to name a few.

Currently with his 21 years, he‘s member of Tiptil Records, founder of Symbiose and Dj for Wildside.

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Sorry, diese DJ-Infos gibt's leider nur in englisch ...

Junoir is born and raised in Luxemburg. Since the early years, music has been very important to him. Over the years he found himself in many diffrent music genres and slowly but surely he got more and more involved in the luxemburgish music scene. 3 years ago his interesst in the electronic music scene, especially Minimal, grew tremendously to the point that he decided to get into mixing. Early 2018, he had his debut for the ING Marathon in Luxemburg. Since then he has been playing regularly at different partys and locations in Luxemburg and Berlin alongside many great DJ‘s such as Jeff Mills, Dax J, Popof, Oshana and many more. Currently with his 24 years, he is a resident DJ of TIPTIL Records, Wildside and one of the founders of Symbiose.

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