09·10·11 AUG 2019


Urban Stage


22:30 - 23:30


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"Mathrock, hardcore and metal is combined with samples full of spoken word. No singing, but rhythm and guitar riffs that tumble over each other in songs that explode with energy. The threesome from Luxembourg is ever so happy to not have a singer. This way the attention of the audience isn’t diverted to a single person and besides they’re not attached to that nasty verse chorus structure."

After releasing independently a demo and a first EP "Burning Nantucket!", the band released their first and well acclaimed album in February 2013 thanks to Get A Life records and Who's Brain records.

Their second album "Some sort of naked apes" is available since October 2015. The band decided to go for a 100% DIY ethic for this new release. Everything has been handled by the band itself, allowing them to work at their best.

  source: www.heartbeatparade.com

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