12-14 AUG 2022


Sunset Stage


01:20 - 02:10


Sorry, diese Band-Infos gibt's leider nur in englisch ...

Afrobeathoven is the fictional child of Fela Kuti and Nena. After the parents' stylistic divorce, the kid was brought up in poor conditions in a loony bin in the Southern towns of Luxembourg, where it lay hand on divers musical instruments, all neon in colour. It is also during that time that it developed quadripolar disorder and an obsession for baroque haircuts. It just recently found a way out of the madhouse and manages to show up on stages or moving vehicles for various occasions, playing a driving musical mix with bits of groove, dub, jazz, afrobeat and NDW.


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the free entrance festival

12.- 14. August 2022
am Echternacher See / Luxemburg

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