12-14 AUG 2022


Sunset Stage


19:05 - 19:35


Sorry, diese Band-Infos gibt's leider nur in englisch ...

My Music: Rihanna meets Amy Winehouse meets Queen
Genre: Pop/R&B, Neo soul, with elements of pop rock

For Maya Maunet, music wasn’t just a creative outlet, it was a necessity. It was her only form of self expression. Growing up Maya spent a lot of her time working through a stutter, quickly coming to the realization the only way she could communicate freely was through singing. Working through this stammer and shedding the negative energy around her Maya has been able to come into her own through music and songwriting. At 20 years old Maya explores her own confidence, growing up and the love for the people and animals she surrounds herself with through song. Merging a wide range of influences from Blackstreet, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, and a deep love for horror films, Maya arrives onto the music scene with a bold, refined and powerful sound, ready to be an inspiration for other young black girls and artists who still do not get the recognition they deserve.

  MAYA MAUNET           

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the free entrance festival

12.- 14. August 2022
am Echternacher See / Luxemburg

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