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11-13 AUG 2023


Sunset Stage




He was born in Esch/Alzette and grew up in Belvaux, now he lives in Soleuvre.

He was at the age of 20 when he received his first controller, inspired by techno djs like Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, Dense and Pika, Sam Paganini and many more.

He has always been musically talented and was fascinated by djing since he starded going to raves in 2018. He was curious about the organization and planning behind raves as one can always experience unforgettable moments. He loves gathering a crowd and sharing good vibes and love, creating new creative tranistions that let emotions run free and fascinate people.

His influences are deephouse, techno, dark techno, hard techno and industrial techno like Jonas Saalbach, Victor Ruiz, Cristian Glitch, O.B.I. and Nico Moreno.

His favorite acts were at Ground club Luxemburg, Cabaret club Luxemburg, Melusina club Luxemburg, Metzeschmelz, L' arche (F), Ghost (D) and a lifeset stream on rtltoday by beyondmusic.

He is currently focusing more on techno, dark techno, hard techno and industrial techno. He now has slowly started to familiarize himself with producing.

His futur plans are being able to play at a festival next summer and make a name for himself as a newcomer in the clubs of the greater region. He would like to familiarize himself with producing in order to be able to share his creativity and to be immersed in his passion.


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11 - 13 august 2023
at Lake Echternach / Luxembourg

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