12-14 AUG 2022


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It all began when I met a Friend on the Radio, who was a DJ. We were following him to the clubs and i was fascinated from his technic and skills on the turntables. So i started to try some scratches in his cellar, but realized soon, that DJing is not a piece of cake. From that day on, it became my dream to become a DJ. My friend decided to sell his equipment – to my luck – and I bought two turntables, a Pioneer DJM 600 and a few vinyls. First I didn’t bother about all that money that I had to spend, cause I had that dream of being a DJ. But then, after looking in my purse I saw that I gotta make some cash out of my new equipment. I got the chance to DJ as a resident at the „Double Deuce“. First it was hard for me, cause I was just starting to DJ and my skills on the turntables / players were not much developed. But I knew how to change it: Training! I stood in front of the turntables / players in every free second and watched other DJs on youtube while their performance, to learn from them. At the „FOLLIA“ I saw a DJ that was rockin the crowd that hard, that I had to talk to him. I asked him if he could teach me how to DJ like he does; and he did. He showed me all that beat jugglin and scratching tricks and took me to his shows, where I often could DJ on the first half of the night. At that time I gained a lot of club experience and that DJ became a good friend of mine – I still train everyday on the turntables and often still rock the clubs. From that day on you.. ll see me standing behind the turntables in different clubs all over Luxembourg, Belgium & Germany!

References & Supporting Act (National & International)

Metropolis Trier (Forum)(GER) / M Club (LUX) / Babaloo (BEL) / Havanna (GER) / Byblos (LUX) Space Bar (LUX) / Inside Club (LUX) / Verso (LUX) / Double Deuce (LUX) / Race One (LUX) / Prad’da Lounge (LUX)

Fatman Scoop (USA) / DJ Showi (Massive Töne, GER) / Marco Petralia (GER) / DJ Lia (HUN) / Viktoria Metzker (HUN)


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12 - 14 august 2022
at Lake Echternach / Luxembourg

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