12-14 AUG 2022


Sunset Stage


21:20 - 22:10


In 2020, Maale Gars started showing Luxembourgish hip-hop what true feelings are. After three years with the indie band Epicure, Thomas Roland has been regularly releasing new tracks since January 2020. Allying melancholy, electronic pop music, and energetic trap; his songs are a genuine reflection of these times’ spirit. This authenticity can be found in the triviality of his lyrics. Topics as simple as him missing his girlfriend, a tour with his brothers, or even mixing up pancakes are the core of his art. It seems like this sincerity and simplicity please the public. In fact, without any need for guns or unauthentic persona, he is now being streamed more than most local rappers (over 200,000 streamsin a year) on Spotify.

Regarding the origins of Maale Gars; “The name is the origin of the project” according to Thomas Roland himself. He adds that he was in a sort of bad situation which pushed him to start this Luxembourgish project in hip-hop. He wasn’t anywhere near a tragic path, neither close to a nice one. He was just a “gars” caught up in an everlasting spleen, and desperately wanted to change andembark on a new path. This led him to leave his ex-girlfriend and brought him on a difficult journey to “find himself”. It was in this search of his inner-self that his colleagues started calling him “Maale Gars”; in other words, ‘The guy who always gets along’.

For 2021, Maale Gars is planning releases in the same rhythm. Additionally to his major video productions, he will start his grand debut in live, scheduled for this summer in a unique setting.

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12 - 14 august 2022
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