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09-11 AUG 2024


Questions & Answers

What's the e-Lake festival ?

e-Lake is an annual music festival. The festival takes place every second weekend of August at Lake Echternach. e-Lake is a 3-day music festival (2015 even 4 days !) with foreign and local bands & DJs. The confirmed artists are ... see Line-up.

When and where ?

The festival takes place on the weekend of 09-11 of august 2024. The festival starts on friday at 18:30 and closes sunday-night at 01:00. The adress is at the lake of Echternach, called Leisure Centre of Echternach (Centre récréatif d’Echternach) in Luxembourg.

For your Navigation-System: Rue Grégoire Schouppe, L-6479 Echternach.

e-Lake schedule 2024:
FRIDAY (09 AUGUST) 18:30 - 03:00
SATURDAY (10 AUGUST) 15:00 - 03:00
SUNDAY (11 AUGUST) 15:00 - 01:00

Ticket price ?

The e-Lake festival is a « FREE ENTRANCE » event - as you can imagine there is no need to sell or buy tickets ;-)

Age limit ?

No unaccompanied under 16’s. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by at least one parent. Please present appropriate identity documents on request.

Can I leave the festival and come back later ?

Of course ! It’s a « FREE ENTRANCE » event with no fences or other barriers.

Are there things which are not allowed to bring with me ?

Yes. No kind of bottles, cans, alcoholic drinks, animals, furniture, drugs or similar, no weapons or anything that can cause harm to yourself or others. This list could be endless, we urge you to use common sense. It is not allowed to bring video cameras or equipment for recordings. It will be ok if you bring an ordinary pocket camera that cannot be used for recordings, no digital or system cameras.

How do I pay for food and drinks ?

Food or drinks can only be paid "contactless" by EC or credit card. Guests who do not have an EC or credit card can, for a small deposit, purchase "prepaid" cards at the central cash desk, onto which any amount can then be uploaded. This method of payment helps to reduce waiting times at the various stalls.

Under no circumstances can food and drinks be paid for with cash, outdated or other tokens.

Medical ordely and first aid ?

Near the Police office you will also find a First-Aid tent with medical orderly.
Check out: Festival Site Map

Traffic jams ?

To avoid this, travel together and use car sharing or simply use pubilc transportation, Park&Ride or the festival Shuttlebus.

Parking ?

On site parkins with costs

The are enough parkings near the festival location for cars, caravans and bikes. At the entrance of the Parking-area, you have to pay 10,-€ / car. Please pay attention to the signs and follow the recommendations of the marshalls, otherwise you will cause a traffic jam.
Check out: Map of ECHTERNACH.

Food and beverage ?

There will be several kinds of food and beverage available.

Security ?

In addition to the ordinary Security-Team, there will be a Police office installed during the festival-days to survey and guarantee a smooth development of the festival. This Police Office (white office-container) will be placed between the Stage and the VIP-Parking.
Check out: Festival Site Map

Sound / video / photo ?

Sound and video recordings are forbidden. Only press photographers are permitted to use professional camera equipment, but pocket cameras are allowed. Press photographers have to ask the promoter to get an official Press accreditation.

Glass bottles ?

Glass bottles and cans (tins) are not allowed on the festival ground.

Garbage ?

Please keep the festival-area and the parking grounds clean. Please use the garbage bins!

In order to resolve the problem of the massive waste production on the festival area, the organizer founded the action group "e-Lake goes green" two years ago. With the support of various partners, a Recycling Center will be established on the event site.  Festival attendees and campers will have several options to help available to them, all aimed at encouraging active involvement in minimizing and sorting the generated waste. For instance, participants who pick up 20 bowls will be offered one free drink. These efforts and commitments are due to our and your responsibility to protect the green area next to the lake of Echternach as much as possible. 

Fire / environment ?

Open fires are forbidden, camping is not allowed in the forest, in the open countryside or at the border of the lake. Please respect the environment and keep the nature clean!

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the free entrance festival

09 - 11 august 2024
at Lake Echternach / Luxembourg

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See you @ the Lake :-)