07·08·09 AUG 2020


hosted by Mc MATOS

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Luxembourgish producer and deejay WazToo has allowed the powerful and talented characteristics of the electro/basshouse/EDM music to influence his way of djing, producing and off course his understanding of music.

Connaisseurs know that his catalogue oscillates between emotional trance, EDM jumping beatz, soulful progression of house and electro/basshouse from an alternative future and a benelux- hard cosmic reinterpretation of pure netherlanded hard dance.

He discovered the electronic music since he was 10 years old. Impressed from the djs from Love Parade, he started to build a huge collection of massive sounds and skills.

2007 he created his own "live" electronic radio show where national & international djs played everysSaturday on his show. From 2014 on, the show (Bouncin) is broadcast every second friday from 8p.m till 9p.m on Radio LRB 103,9FM (worldwide live stream: lrb.lu)Afterwards he started to create his own events with international and national deejays in various clubs & bars which were very popular.

In such exiting and energetic events he receives tons of positive energy that he transmits skilfully to his mixing. Since then he became a very important deejay fort the luxembourgs nightlife.

2019 he celebrates 15years of djing & the 10years cooperation with the e-lake crew, so be prepared for a special VJ/LIGHT show, new tracks from his upcoming album & the whole show is hosted by: MC MATOS

So enough said, convince yourself and be a part of his magical sets.

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Born in the USA, MC Matos aka Da Kriminal moved to Luxembourg as a teenager and started writing and recording hiphop lyrics. Years later he joined a crossover band (metal,hip hop,electronica) as singer/songwriter. Through the years he listened to many genres of music, but got hooked to electronic music (especially to techno in all its forms) and became a dj/producer.

Since 2009 he slipped into the hardcore scene mainly as booker and event manager; working for an organization called Amoksphere Events specialized in organizing parties and festivals representing the harder styles in and around Luxembourg. At one party an ex-associate asked him to grab the mic and to shout something out during his set. To his suprise the crowd went crazy and wanted more. After this party MC Matos had decided to continue in this direction for another personal creative challenge.

MC Matos has hosted the biggest names in hardcore and hardtechno and has had bookings at many big clubs and festivals around Europe such as Fabrik (ES), Industrial Copera(ES), Metropolis (BE), Decibel Festival (NL), This is Hardcore:Rockhal Invasion (LU), E-Lake Festival (LU), Liberty White Chronicles (BE), Hardcore Italia (FR), The Qontinent (BE), Elements Festival (BE) CityParade (BE), Eco Festival (SLO), Nature One (DE) and Earthquake (DE) to name a few.

In search of new challenges MC Matos widend his horizons and now also MCs at hardtsyle, d'n'b, electro, dubstep, complextro and house events, eventhough his heart pounds for the harder sounds. He also has some projects recording vocals for hardcore and hardtechno tracks.

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07 - 09 august 2020
at Lake Echternach / Luxembourg

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Copyright © 2020 e-Lake festival. All Rights Reserved.
See you @ the Lake :-)