09·10·11 AUG 2019


The original idea popped up in 1983 as a reaction to the paucity of local events for young people. since then the members of the Club des Jeunes Echternach, the youth club of Echternach, are happy to stage an annual music festival now called e-Lake, ever more attractive and refined ...

The e-Lake festival enables the club to translate into practice its over-arching motto and purpose TO ACT FOR THE YOUNG !

Through different kinds of music which have magic in common, the e-Lake festival appeals to a huge number of young people and purports to make them come together on the out-skirts of the lake of Echternach for three days each summer. The event is organized 'by the young for the young'. All to well familiar with the finances of young people, the ever present goal has been and will be to provide to the audience a FREE ENTRANCE event !

The story so far:


  • first 3-days open air party in the summer at the lake of Echternach
  • 400 attended
  • amateur equipment (sono, lights & stands)


  • two 3-days open air parties per summer, called 'Summerfest um Séi' (summer party at the lake)
  • at the beginning and the end of the summer holidays
  • 1100 attended
  • semi-professional equipment


  • 3-days OPEN AIR per summer, called 'Summerfest um Séi' (summer party at the lake)
  • 3-days 'Kermesse Surprise' (surprise fair) at the market place of Echternach
  • 2000 attended
  • professional equipment


  • 2-days 'Kermesse Surprise' (surprise fair) at the station of Echternach
  • 1000 attended

from 1996 onwards:

  • 3-days music festival, called OPEN AIR PARTY, on the out-skirts of the lake of Echternach
  • professional equipment, sponsoring and publicity campaign
  • introduction of the new formula:

Friday = Live Concerts
Saturday = 12 hrs Techno & House
Sunday = Disco & Fun 'till One

  • attendants: see statistics...

from the 2000 edition onwards

  • introduction of the name "e-Lake"
    (Thanks to Mike Bintz and Daniel Schaack from Zamrate !)

our main sponsors :

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the free entrance festival

09 -11 august 2019
at Lake Echternach / Luxembourg

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See you @ the Lake :-)