In order to resolve the problem of the massive waste production on the festival-area, the organizer founded the action group „e-Lake goes green“ five years ago. With the support of some partners, a „Recycling Center“ will be based on the event-site, and the visitors of the festival and those staying on the camping will be, with some different possibilities, excited to contribute to the reduction and separation of the upcoming waste (f. ex.: one free drink if you pick up 20 bowls). This will be done due to our and your responsibility to protect the green area next to the lake of Echternach as much as possible.

We would like to thank all our partners for their support

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10 AUG
live concerts
a journey to Pop,
Hip-Hop and Rock'n'Roll


11 AUG
only the finest
electronic beats


12 AUG
party time
all your favorite
party tunes