12-14 AUG 2022


Sunset Stage


20:00 - 21:00


Sorry, diese DJ-Infos gibt's leider nur in englisch ...

Hardfacts: Techno, Detroit, Industrial, Breaks and Surprices.

Since 2002 Björn del Togno is playing his electrifying music at hip venues, festivals and clubs. After spinning for clubs in his hometown Saarbrücken, where his infectious energy convinced every party crowd. He started in 2006 a two years residency at the famous technoclub Palazzo (Capitol). In 2013 he not only debuted as a co-host of the popular Silodom in Saarbrücken but also as regular performer with infectious energy and insane sounds. 2018 he founded his own label "Pirates are loud". Björn ́s magic hands and scratchi fillers let every crowd go crazy on the dancefloor. Ecstatic dancing is given.

Take time to listen music and flounder Baby.

  BJÖRN DEL TOGNO             

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12.- 14. August 2022
am Echternacher See / Luxemburg

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