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09-11 AUG 2024


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How does one distill a nearly three-decade career of highlights into a single biography? For the internationally respected electronic dance music (“EDM”) composer, musician, DJ and producer MARKUS SCHULZ, the task is especially daunting if for no other reason than because he’s constantly celebrating new milestones others only dream of.

After a successful first leg of SCHULZ’s immersive new ‘The Rabbit Hole Circus’ Tour – with straightforward DJ sets occurring at a rapid pace in-between The Rabbit Hole Circus Tour dates – the DJ/producer was able to sit still just long enough to reflect on his recent achievements and career as a whole. The journey has been long and fruitful, accelerating even to this day. Looking back, the memories come flooding forward…

In 2021, SCHULZ returned to his Dakota alter-ego bringing forth the album, Odyssey To The Netherworld . The album features influential singles, including “Avalon 6AM” and “Manray,” the former a tribute to SCHULZ’s relationship with Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, a venue he sells-out every time he performs there.

In 2023, SCHULZ launched his ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ themed nights, a concept he further expanded upon for the successful summer 2023 run of The Rabbit Hole Circus Tour (legone). The idea of the shows – going “down the rabbit hole” musically, sonically and emotionally – is based around the idea of expanding the euphoric techno portions of SCHULZ’s performances into a full, open-to-close experience. (Open-to-close is the catch phrase MARKUS SCHULZ uses to distinguish his longest sets – where he literally performs from the moment the doors-open until curfew – from the more common festival-style DJ sets most commonly seen today.) The response to SCHULZ’s open-to-close DJ sets has been nothing short of extraordinary, with sell-out crowds at every venue he plays, including attendance by fans flying-in from other cities and countries just to experience the events.

In 2022, MARKUS SCHULZ added his “X” project to his release schedule of recorded music, with X denoting a special series of collaborations with upcoming and established artists. Releases have included from artists Paul Oakenfold, BT, KhoMha, Arkham Knights and others.

As a producer behind-the-scenes for other artists’ albums, SCHULZ has lent his production expertise to the albums of lyricists and close friends, Emma Hewitt and HALIENE. SCHULZ’s contributions to the singles, Emma Hewitt’s “Into My Arms” and HALIENE’s “Butterfly x Metamorphosis” is undeniable.

Magically able to distill the Ibiza atmosphere into carefully curated mixes, MARKUS SCHULZ was tapped by the legendary Black Hole Recordings imprint to mix and contribute to every edition of the label’s In Search of Sunrise compilation series from 14 to 18, with newer series out soon. SCHULZ’s own Coldharbour Recordings label will celebrate its 500th release towards the end of 2023, with a nonstop schedule of exciting new releases coming-up in 2024 and beyond. SCHULZ’s TotalVision Talent booking and management agency – previously SMG Bookings – is also up-and-running and representing some of the brightest talents in the electronic dance music space.

At radio, MARKUS SCHULZ’s wildly popular weekly radio mixshow, the EDMA-nominated Global DJ Broadcast, has gone from strength to strength with more podcast subscribers and downloads in the past 12 months than in any previous year. To meet ever-growing demand from his global music fans, SCHULZ launched a Spotify companion series of mixes, titled, Destinations.

After SCHULZ’s The Rabbit Hole Circus Tour celebrated a victory-lap with an attendance record-shattering performance at Avalon Hollywood towards the end of summer 2023, SCHULZ looks forward fondly once again to his year-capping open-to-close New Year’s Eve show at that same venue on the fast-approaching final day of 2023. With a hardwon reputation for delivering the best, guaranteed-to-please party night of all nights on New Year’s Eve annually, MARKUS SCHULZ cements his dominance on the West Coast by holding the record for most New Year’s Eve events played at Avalon than any other global DJ. His high-profile shows have even exceeded the popularity of competing EDM club nights and multi-day music festivals where organizers boast of not sleeping all night. For MARKUS SCHULZ as he looks into his magician’s crystal ball into 2024 and beyond, his success has always been forged by his own grit and his own decisions. Beholden to no one, he is beloved by everyone.


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09 - 11 august 2024
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