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Rippchen alias Frank

get to know the organizers

Since when have you been taking part ?
since the birth of it, and even more ;-)
Introduce yourself briefly :
Music-nerd who had no singing nor instrumental skills. So, I thought organizing a festival could be my contribution to the music world ;-)
How did you get started with the e-Lake organization ?
I‘ve invited it myself ;-)
How many times have you participated ?
Since ever and more
What are your tasks ?
Something in-between nothing an everything ;-) General organization, bands booking, sponsoring, …
e-Lake in 3 words :
a passionate love
Your highlight so far :
Hooverphonic & Seeed
What ever went totally wrong ?
The weather
What are you doing in real life ?
Something in-between nothing an everything at Luxexpo The Box
What can be improved ?
The weather
What makes the festival so special for you ?
The e-Lake family
Three songs you connect with e-lake :
- Hooverphonic – Mad about you
- Seeed – Ding
- K’s Choice – Not an Addict
- and soooo many more ...
Three moments you will never forget :
- Staying in the back of the main-stage an looking in the exciting happy eyes and faces of our fans in front of the stage… priceless each year
- Canceling and re-schedule of the SEEED gig in 2005 without Peter Fox
- The friendship of the e-Lake family…
Three reasons to work at the e-Lake festival :
- Fun
- Fun
- Fun
Three reasons not to work at the e-Lake festival :
- You’re kidding, right? ;-)

Three things that are important in your work :
- Passion
- Honesty
- Fun
Three best places at e-Lake :
- Main-Stage behind the curtain
- Backstage Catering
- Liebesgrotte (cave of love): the party-place for our crew
Three things that are not yet available at the e-Lake festival :
- Free beer for all
- A secret gig of one of our dream bands
- The recognition to be a real festival
Why should people come to the Festival ?
- Fun
- Fun
- Fun
Your main motivation ?
- Passion
- Honesty
- Fun
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the free entrance festival

09 - 11 august 2024
at Lake Echternach / Luxembourg

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See you @ the Lake :-)